Weekly Podcast Roundup, May 21st 2010

Sorry for the tardiness of the podcast roundup! Here it is for your enjoyment! The guys talk about upgrading their setups to Mythbuntu 10.4. New features of MythTV 0.23. MythNetVision and Mirobridge. Windows HTPC podcast and other interesting podcasts. [MythTVcast: Episode 20] Each year in the middle of May the TV season wraps up here in the US. High Definition […]

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Weekly Podcast Roundup, May 13th 2010

Seems like a ton of podcasts this week, maybe it’s just my being tired and seeing so many 🙂 Enjoy! It’s all about beginners this week.  After taking our stroll through the great email questions and voice mail we received, Josh and I take time to answer some of the basic questions that a new Media Center user might have.  […]

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Weekly Podcast Roundup, May 6th 2010

Seems like a ton of podcasts this week, maybe it’s just my being tired and seeing so many 🙂 Enjoy! Is Lending Disks Illegal? Turn day into night in your living room. Watch Revision3 in your living room without an extra gadget. Ben Hur, Citizen Kane and Star Wars coming to Blu-ray. 10 new receivers from Denon: affordable and 3D-ready! […]

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When Your Home Server Dies – a UPS Review

Here’s an obvious article for some, but it was just last year that I was not running any UPS on any of my systems….then a back to back power surge destroyed the master hard drive on my HP MediaSmart WHS. Thanks to folks in our forums, I’ve now been UPS-protected ever since, and a big APC fan! It’s just not […]

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Weekly Podcast Roundup, April 29th 2010

Another great week in news with Windows 7 Embedded taking some headlines with their integration of MCE, and then of course Vail Windows Home Server…and lots lots more! A huge week for Avatar and comments from last week get things started, before we take a look at Panasonic’s new top of the line plasmas and whether they’ll fit into our […]

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WHS v2 “Vail” Preview


One of the first previews for Windows Home Server v2 is out over at WGS.  Lots of big, clickable screenshots for you image lovers out there.  😉  They pretty much walk you through the entire feature set beginning with the new hardware requirements on through to installation and configuration. …a huge amount of development has happened under the hood to […]

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Thursday Podcast Roundup, April 22nd 2010

Some podcasts to keep you entertained and throughout the weekend…enjoy! This week we are talking Media Manager apps for Windows Media Center with Bjorn Morris and Adam Thursby. There are some great apps for managing movies metadata and we discuss the pros and cons of the various addins and whether we really need extra software. [The Media Center Show #253 […]

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Your TV Is Your New BFF


I actually like this idea, not the first time we’ve heard of something like this, but I’m sure the privacy advocates will go crazy over it The experience begins with your set-top-box, which identifies your presence based on wireless communication with your cell phone, smart phone, or MID. The set top box can then personalize itself to you, displaying a […]

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Thursday Podcast Roundup, April 15th 2010

Hope this week has gone good for all of you and you’ve enjoyed Mike Brown’s review of the S1Digital Blu-ray changer. Here are some other pod/vidcasts to help pass the time. Returning to the show this week is Zunethoughts and WindowsPhoneThoughts Jason Dunn to talk about the latest updates to the Zune OS and how the Zune platform is influencing […]

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