Thursday Podcast Roundup, April 15th 2010

Hope this week has gone good for all of you and you’ve enjoyed Mike Brown’s review of the S1Digital Blu-ray changer. Here are some other pod/vidcasts to help pass the time.

Returning to the show this week is Zunethoughts
and WindowsPhoneThoughts
Jason Dunn to talk about the latest updates to the Zune OS and how the
Zune platform is influencing Windows 7 Phones. We also talk about the
metro UI and how it has its origins in Windows Media Center

AJ and James are back for episode 2 of Seen in 3D,
your complete guide to all things 3D. This week we will discuss the 3D
movies past, present, and future. James talks about his love for Step Up
3D which is set to launch in August, while AJ makes fun of him. This
episode is also full of the latest in 3D news including World Cup in 3D,
Sony’s and Mitsubishi’s new 3D TVs, the raging debate over 2D to 3D
conversion and more.

Scott talks with classically trained violinist and speaker designer Paul Barton about how we perceive sound.

Another week and even more 3D news as the Masters brought 3D to many of
our homes (if we could watch it) for the first time. That’s not all,
since FIFA revealed details on its plans for the 2010 World Cup and we
took a closer look at the difference between quality and rushed 2D-to-3D
conversion jobs, and how they might affect movies and the way they are
marketed going forward.

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Everyone must be aware by now that Apple has released a new product
called the iPad.  It’s selling pretty well and, according to some, may
become the next big thing in technology. We’ve had a chance to play
with it for a while, so we’ll give you our take on it. Our biggest
question: How does it apply to the HDTV and Home Theater market?  There
have big some huge fads in the past, and some have been huge duds. 
We’ll let you know if the iPad makes the grade.

The First 3D HD Channel. People of Lava: The Android Powered HDTV, Comcast’s Court Win Could Be Bad for Downloading Movies! Is the iPad: Portable HDTV Machine, or Big IR Remote? Roger interviews John Romita Jr. about his film Kick-Ass, and the Blu-ray releases for April 6th, 2010.

While we were unable to get a live show out this week due to scheduling
issues, Episode 72 is ready for you but it’s not the Entertainment 2.0
you’re used to.  Just as there were scheduling problems on Wednesday,
Thursday was the same but luckily, James Montemagno of RevoHTPC and Seen in 3D
was able to fill in for Adam.

The iPad launch took over everyone’s Twitter feed last week so of course
we have to start the show with the obvious. Jose shares some of his
initial impressions on the device as well as a couple of apps. We also
talk about another upcoming slate, congratulate HTC on some great
earnings, cheer about the end of a series, and wrap up with a bit of
Nexus One news.