Weekly Podcast Roundup, May 13th 2010

Seems like a ton of podcasts this week, maybe it’s just my being tired and seeing so many 🙂 Enjoy!

It’s all about beginners this week.  After taking our stroll through the great email questions and voice mail we received, Josh and I take time to answer some of the basic questions that a new Media Center user might have.  We don’t get too deep as this is meant for people just getting started but there may be some useful information in there for everyone.  Below you’ll find links to some of the information covered which should help you get started.

History and current state of 3D sound. Guest: Alan Kraemer, Executive Vice President and CTO of SRS Labs, Inc.

It must be
The Cable Show week, because we’ve got lots of news regarding your local
TV providers, from new FCC regs allowing for Selectable Output Control,
a new tru2way guide from Cox to debate over how people use DVRs and
what the future of TV is. We’ve got some Blu-ray chat as well, from the
newly 5.1’s classic Psycho to DVD2BLU changes, plus what’s
coming up — and what isn’t — from DirecTV.

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Last week it was announced that Windows Media Center will be an optional component of Windows Embedded Edition meaning we could se set top boxes with Windows Media Center installed in them. So this week I am chatting with Windows Media Center MVP Andrew Cherry about Windows Embedded, I will be asking Andrew what is is, why is it important that Media Center is included and what kind of devices will we see.

This week on The Media Center Show I am talking to Windows Home Server
and Windows Media Center enthusiast Jim Collison about Windows Home
Server Vail, Windows Home Server addins and using WHS and Windows Media
Center together. Jim is a part of the Home Server Show an excellent
podcast on WHS so its great to be chatting with Jim

Million Dollar Home Theater! Blu-ray Bargains, Energy Star 4 = Lower Power HDTVs, Speed Round: Your HDTV Questions Answered, FCC Fights Back!

Catching up on some leftover Avatar news, we talked last week about
Avatar having issues on some players. According to Home Media Magazine, most expects believe these
issues were limited, which we agree with.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated home theater you can benefit from
home automation. Ara built out a sophisticated system with DIY
components that monitor his home, automate lights and even let him know
if the garage door has been left open for more than 15 minutes. We
both use Insteon products (full disclosure, The HT Guys are Smarthome
affiliates) but there are other solutions as well. Over the coming
weeks we will be featuring different systems on our podcast, today its