Kaleidescape Brings DRM to Blu-ray Copying

Kaleidescape systems are super slick, but with the recent legal troubles you have be curious of things to come. This announcement is somewhat underwhelming. So you can store your Blu-rays digitally, but then you have to find and put the disk back in the drive in order to play it….so….what’s the point? 




The new M500 can copy Blu-ray discs onto a legacy Kaleidescape server. The Blu-rays, along with all of the metadata, appear in the standard Kaleidescape library.

“Just like DVDs, the Blu-rays are a pristine bit-for-bit copy,” says Linus Wong, director of product marketing.

In order to play a Blu-ray title, the physical disc must be in an M500 DVD tray. At least you can place it in any tray on the network. And, as Wong says, “Most installs would have a few M500 players.”