Weekly Podcast Roundup, April 29th 2010

Another great week in news with Windows 7 Embedded taking some headlines with their integration of MCE, and then of course Vail Windows Home Server…and lots lots more!

A huge week for Avatar and comments from last week get things started,
before we take a look at Panasonic’s new top of the line plasmas and
whether they’ll fit into our budgets — or living rooms. There’s even
more 3D news still, with our latest FAQ and PS3 updates just in before
we discuss the underwhelming Windows Home Server beta.

The Full Story why Blu-ray Doesn’t Resume (And Sometimes Does!) Versus
is back on DirecTV. Want the best surround sound? We’ve got some
suggestions for you. HDTVs for Under $850, and the Blu-ray releases for
April 27th, 2010.

This week saw the beta release of the next version of Windows Home
Server, code named “Vail” .The new version has lots of changes including
64bit only so joining me this week is Windows Home Server MVP Andrew Edney to explain
what is new in Vail and how we can get hold of the beta.

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Avatar has dominated the headlines this week. From news that it was the best selling one-day disc just about everywhere, to word that it passed the
Dark Knight for the total sales lead in just four days (maybe), to problems with playback on some Blu-ray decks, it
was a Pandora-ish week.

The importance and affordability of home theater calibration. Guest: Joel Silver, founder and president Imaging Science

We’re big fans of being able to listen to your music in any and every
room in your house. In the past that meant connecting your multi zone
receiver to speakers placed throughout your house. Sonos makes the
entire process a snap. Each Sonos S5 ZonePlayer
is a 5 speaker system with an all digital design that produces high
quality audio.

As far as news for the week there wasn’t a whole lot but we did slam through all of the emails and voicemails that you folks have been sending us over the last two weeks.  Keep them coming!