Thursday Podcast Roundup, April 22nd 2010

Some podcasts to keep you entertained and throughout the weekend…enjoy!

This week we are talking Media Manager apps for Windows Media Center
with Bjorn Morris and Adam Thursby. There are some great apps for
managing movies metadata and we discuss the pros and cons of the various
addins and whether we really need extra software.

Exploring the best in high end audio listening. Guest: John Atkinson, editor of Stereophile Magazine.

As Adam moves on, we’re excited to announce that Matt has agreed to jump
on to Seen in HD as a permanent co-host along with Phil. Matt brings
his extensive knowledge of Blu-ray and film to the show, and we’re
thrilled he’s joining us.

This week was packed with HD news, from digital delivery and the rental wars to just what’s holding up 3D movies. We still found time to wonder what PlayReady support from Samsung could bring to the table, and why CableCARD devices still cost so much. Speaking of, the HDHomeRun beta was open and closed, if you blinked and missed it, don’t worry, we’ve got the details.

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The whole crew is back for another week of news in mobile tech. This
week Jon reveals he’s considering another purchase. We discuss the
latest delays for the Hero, and possible updates to Android. We also
talk about the upcoming HP Slate, the latest color e-ink reader
prototype, a couple of new phones, and wrap up with the iPhone 4G that
everyone was buzzing about this past weekend.

Why you’ll want a screen to go with a projector, how to pick one. New
Macbook Pros: Jobs still snubs Blu-ray, Samsung’s 3D HDTV Health
Warnings. New Blu-ray format doubles capacity! Will Google’s codec take
over HD? New Blu-ray releases for April 20th, 2010.

Once again, it’s a slow one.  While the catalog releases keep rolling to
Blu-ray, everything else video-wise is pretty dead.  Music definitely
picks up this week though so if you’re an audio person, there should be
something there for you to enjoy.

Sure it’s the HDTV and Home Theater Podcast, but we like to dabble a
little in the peripheral edges of home theater from time to time.  One
such area is whole house audio.  Braden has a whole house system based
on Logitech Squeezebox
devices and their Squeezbox Server software.  Logitech recently
released a new Squeezebox Touch
player, so of course, we wanted to try it out.

It’s all about third party apps this week.  Not just what to use but how
to create them.  We’re joined by Niall Ginsbourg and Mark Terborg, two
guys who have pushed out some great Media Center plugins.  Mark and
Niall talk to us about the steps needed to create, publish and support
applications within Media Center.  Not something that easy to do..