Weekly Podcast Roundup, May 21st 2010

Sorry for the tardiness of the podcast roundup! Here it is for your enjoyment!

The guys talk about upgrading their setups to Mythbuntu 10.4. New features of MythTV 0.23. MythNetVision and Mirobridge. Windows HTPC podcast and other interesting podcasts.

Each year in the middle of May the TV season wraps up here in the US. High Definition TV is a big part of our HD experience and from time to time we like to take the pulse of what Americans are watching. On today’s show we want to recap the top 20 shows based on Nielson’s rating system.

Netflix’s newly launched HD streaming on PCs takes the first slot this week along with some healthy Lost debate (spoilers!), before we investigate several other internet video announcements from Hulu, FiOS and Comcast. Next up is ESPN 3D on comcast and Panasonic’s latest news including a new blu-ray 3D promotion. We’ll check out DirecTV’s Whole Home DVR launch before digging into CableCARD and HTPC news and finish up with a quick glance at Happauge’s software update and how impressed we are — or aren’t — with Kaleidascape’s latest Blu-ray players.

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One of the primary themes of the tour is "Full HD 3D."  Naturally, I was curious what that means as far as the signals on the HDMI cable because I still am confused regarding all of the mixed messages around HDMI 1.3, HDMI 1.4, and 3-D formats.  See the previous Installments for insights on the actual HDMI Licensing, LLC specifications themselves, but I needed to know what is different about Full HD 3D and how that impacts HDMI’s feature sets and requirements – or is it just another marketing ploy.

Introducing WiGig: Gigabit Wireless. Get surround sound without the wires. What’s the best set top box with a web browser? The Hurt Locker Producers bring a lawsuit against downloaders, Blu-ray releases for May 18th, 2010.

Best Buy made some news this week with a press release about its CinemaNow product, and in the resulting coverage a very interesting quote about the future of DVDs was revealed. Phil also takes CinemaNow for a spin and downloads Invictus live on the show.

Welcome to another edition of The Media Center Show and this week I am talking Martin Milmore the developer of TunerFreeMCE and the new My Media Center Addin designed especially for kids. Martin’s new add is a great way to make sure your kids are watching only the content you want them to watch but at the same time being a fun UI. I also have email and a round up of the weeks news