Forbes outlines Samsung’s 2018 QLED display lineup

I must admit that I haven’t been following Samsung’s QLED display lineup. It should be better than last year’s, and QLED is interesting, but the lack of Dolby Vision support and that it’s not OLED has dimmed my interest in them. That’s not to say that there aren’t valid reasons to grab one (room lighting, size considerations, etc.), so if you want more info, head on over to Forbes and get the low down.

At long last, after months of speculation and impressive demos of mysterious screens that didn’t even have model numbers, Samsung has locked down the details of its high-end QLED TVs for 2018.

I’ve managed to get some pretty detailed information on all the improvements Samsung is introducing for the 2018 QLED sets, which I’ll get into later. First, though, let’s cover the core range information. The first models will start to appear this month, and from the top of the tree down, the key specs go as follows: