Hey Samsung, accuracy matters!

I am a huge fan of HDTVTest’s reviews. Vincent does an amazing job of covering the products he looks at in fantastic depth; often with a great deal of wit as well. So I was really surprised when his apology video for a review of the 2018 Samsung Q9F/Q9FN popped up in the channel. Having watched the review earlier, I didn’t remember anything that should have required an apology of any sort. It was thorough, and the conclusions in it were well documented. I wasn’t able to find any specific criticisms of the review (poor search fu apparently), and having watched the mea culpa I remain baffled as it appears that the only thing that Vincent apologized for was highlighting an inconvenient (for Samsung) truth about how they are intentionally messing with light levels in HDR mode. Now, perhaps my own preferences towards accurate PQ are skewing my read of the situation…

Samsung Q9FN 2018 QLED TV review

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