When you have $ to burn, it’s easy to have confidence

Even though I am dumbfounded by Samsung’s continued attempts to make Bixby a thing, I have to admire their confidence in the attempt. After all, the value proposition provided by Google and Apple’s robot slave, er… um… AI assistant, is obvious to me. They have all my data (depending on ecosystem adherence) already, travel with me, and provide something besides […]

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Hey Samsung, accuracy matters!

I am a huge fan of HDTVTest’s reviews. Vincent does an amazing job of covering the products he looks at in fantastic depth; often with a great deal of wit as well. So I was really surprised when his apology video for a review of the 2018 Samsung Q9F/Q9FN popped up in the channel. Having watched the review earlier, I […]

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Forbes outlines Samsung’s 2018 QLED display lineup

I must admit that I haven’t been following Samsung’s QLED display lineup. It should be better than last year’s, and QLED is interesting, but the lack of Dolby Vision support and that it’s not OLED has dimmed my interest in them. That’s not to say that there aren’t valid reasons to grab one (room lighting, size considerations, etc.), so if […]

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More details on HDHR + 2016 Samsung RUI support

If you’re fortunate enough to have a 2016 Samsung TV that supports RUI, I’m sure you were quite interested in the news that you can now use the full HDHR View app without installing anything. The forum post that mentioned it was a bit light on the details, so SD has provided a full release (attached) which outlines the feature. […]

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Samsung UE55KS9000 4K display reviewed @ HDTVtest


As awesome as OLED displays are, they aren’t for everyone.Whether it’s cost or some other reason, maybe a curved LED backlit LCD is more your thing.From the looks of it the Samsung UEKS9000 would be a solid contender here click https://casinodeguide.com/ online casino games by leo games vegas and how to find free bonus, even though it doesn’t quite offer […]

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Samsung @ CES 2013


I was completely underwhelmed with OLED TVs last year. They consistently suffered from slow pixel response and color bleed, but this year was completely different. There were OLED displays of many sizes, shapes and resolutions at many vendors booths with Samsung boasting some beautiful 4K UHD. Full breakdown after the click. OLED A lot can happen in a year, and […]

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