Circle with Disney introduces Platforms in release 1.4

Despite its flaws, the Circle with Disney is a critical part of our network infrastructure, so it is great to see that they’ve updated it to include support “Platforms” (i.e. the ability to group multiple services from a provider into a monolithic entity) and some intelligence around interactivity. Which is an issue we’ve encountered now that my kids are using Google Docs for more of their school work. Hopefully more advancements are in the works, as well as updated hardware…

Circle Platforms make it easy for families to manage popular apps like YouTube, Minecraft, and Spotify across their desktop, mobile, and even voice assistant versions. We’re happy to announce several great improvements to Platforms that have been bundled into release 1.4 — including improvements to tracking for Apple and Google services as well as AMP support. (Don’t worry, we’ll explain AMP if you haven’t heard of it!)

Circle with Disney

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5 years ago

I’d be interested to know if there were any significant changes to how Circle handles Steam games (I didn’t see any in the announcement). As each game is hosted by different servers, I remember this being a significant issue in our household.