Circle with Disney adds categories for Fortnite, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger

Being able to manage general usage for Fortnite, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger has always been a part of Circle with Disney’s capability. So what’s new here is that they have been broken out into discrete items that can be managed individually. Which makes it possible to set a specific time limit, management level, or block per item. A welcome addition to the platform.

· Fortnite: Now, you’ll not only be able to see the time spent in the Games Category, but also see it in its own platform within the app. Parents can manage Fortnite Battle Royale on all devices ranging from the Playsation, Xbox, Switch, Mac/PC and iPhone/iPad. As soon as someone in the family starts playing, you’ll be able to see that time reflected within Circle. You’ll also be able to set time limits for playing to keep tabs on healthy usage.

· Facebook Messenger/Whatsapp: The Facebook Platform in Circle now tracks Messenger voice calls, so everything across the Facebook suite of apps can be managed reliably with Circle. And, speaking of reliability, Circle now tracks Whatsapp voice calls with better accuracy than ever. So, when a family member uses up their social time for the day, Circle can keep them honest and on track with their online goals.