Ecobee Switch+ now up for pre-order

If you’re planning to put an Amazon Echo Dot and a home automation (HA) controllable light switch in every room, I guess I can see the value in the $99 Ecobee Switch+. But, I’m not convinced that I want to tie my home so tightly to the Amazon ecosystem, especially because in my experience the 3rd party Alexa experience kinda sucks…


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6 years ago

Ugh I was excited about this. But after receiving this email from support I canceled my pre-order. 3rd party Alexa support his horrible, as I found out with Sonos One. The “google home” support is only for controlling the switch from google home. Overpriced and under functioned at this point

Response from ecobee

“The switch plus is compatible with google assistant however you can only use Alexa on the switch plus. If you have a google home then you will be able to use that to control the switch. at this time there are limitations to the Alexa in the switch plus as it is a third party device. We are however working with Amazon to bring as many features to the switch plus”