CES 2018 – abode itoa all-in-one security camera home automation controller

I wasn’t familiar with abode’s iota security system, home automation controller (HAC), and camera system before meeting them at CES. Overall the system looks quite approachable, and is obviously more intended for users who prioritize ease of installation and user experience (UX) over flexibility. I don’t mean that as a negative, per se. Just something that would need to be […]

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CES 2018 – Cone of Silence PrivacyShield sound blocker for smart speakers (i.e. Amazon Echo & Google Home)

For my family, smart speakers like the Amazon Echo or Google Home are an essential part of how we interact with the home automation (HA) system, intercom between rooms, and casually listen to music. The privacy implications of this aren’t that concerning for us as I don’t think we’re interesting enough for Amazon, Google, the NSA, or really anyone else […]

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Sonos Voice Control – FINALLY! …soon

Sonos One

Today, Sonos finally let us know that voice control in on its way. It was originally announced almost a year ago and the company has been extremely quiet on their progress. People got excited when they updated their terms of service to include wording which seemed indicative of the requirements for voice control. So, what are we getting? A beta. […]

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