LG Signature OLED first impression – impressive

LG announced their “Signature” OLED 4K displays at CES, and they are just starting to trickle out into a limited number of high-end showrooms. Until I get a chance to go have a look myself, I’ll be relying on others to tell us what they think. HDTVtest is very reliable when it comes to this sort of thing so, if you’re following developments in OLED closely it’s a must read.

The opportunity came to us via our friends at Value Electronics in Scarsdale, New York. The high-end AV retailer is one of a handful picked by LG to display its new flagship TV product ahead of more widespread rollout. The South Korean brand is still the only manufacturer to seriously commit to OLED, meaning that the company carries the burden of trailblazing this technology (in television sizes, at least) as well as winning the hearts and minds of general consumers. Of course, every other TV maker is pushing ahead solely with LED LCD, sometimes under interesting pseudonyms (not counting, of course, Panasonic’s European OLED TV, which is looking like a no-show for the North American market).