HTR guide to reselling A/V kit

I would love to upgrade my A/V kit more often, but it’s difficult to know what it’s worth or where to start, and the thought of ending up with a bunch of surplus, depreciating equipment has put me off. Ran across the HTR guide today, and I’m curious if anyone has used these services (besides Ebay :)). If so, let use know in the comments.

At the end of 2015, a number of my friends and some our writers (myself included) made AV system upgrades and changes. In the AV realm, even years-old components can retain real value that could help you upgrade to brand-spanking new toys. Much like car dealers and big chains like CarMax make selling your car easier, selling your products directly to the next consumer is the most profitable way to protect your investment. With that said, there are many pitfalls to buying and selling AV gear. Here are some tips and thoughts on how to transact successful deals in the used market.