HDGuru Reviews Roku 4

Just when I thought I was sold on the Roku 2, I found this review of the Roku 4. No mention of fan noise, or the top melting though. Hmm…

Adding 4K Ultra HD movie and TV show streaming, a world-class selection of streaming apps and services, and a new and improved operating system, the new Roku 4 set-top media streamer is now available offering a compelling alternative to the smart TV universe.

At $129.99, the Roku 4 is pitted against recent introductions including the Amazon Fire TV at $99.99 and Nvidia Shield Android TV at $199.99 (both support 4K streaming) and the latest $35 Chromecast and next-gen. Apple TV (neither of which support 4K Ultra HD). Sadly, none of the devices will support metadata for forthcoming high dynamic range (HDR) content at this time, but then there aren’t many TVs out there to support it either.



  • Everyone else has complained

    Everyone else has complained about the fan noise.  He must have ommitted it for some reason?

    • It’s possible that it’s an

      It’s possible that it’s an artifact of the testing conditions (i.e. it was in a cabinet). It’s also possible that the reviewer wasn’t thorough, or some other reason. Either way, very curious I think.

  • I have read reviews that the

    I have read reviews that the Roku4 fan noise is a bit high.
    Roku responded here