Silicondust Shows Of HDHR PRIME DLNA with XBMC

A few days ago Silicondust annouced that the HDHomeRun PRIME would act as a DLNA DMS, well now they’ve posted a demo to Youtube showing off how it works with XBMC. Now, obviously this will only work with live CopyFreely content, but it should be an easy step from here to adding PVR functionality via XBMC’s PVR addin.

via caeguy @AVSForum

  • Add some guide content to

    Add some guide content to that feed and u have nice option for copy freely.

  • As long as it is just

    As long as it is just copy-freely things it is worthless. Needs to work with copy-once to actually be useful.

    • gcw07 wrote:

      As long as it


      As long as it is just copy-freely things it is worthless. Needs to work with copy-once to actually be useful.


      Worthless to you, perhaps, but not to many others.  If your provider doesn’t flag content as copy once it’s definitely useful.  I’m on FIOS and the only channels flagged as copy once are the premium channels, none of which I subscribe to.  This means I can use XBMC as a one-stop shop for all my media playback and hopefully recording as well.  Now if they can only get this working on the Echo.Smile

      • Yeah it is nice for FIOS for

        Yeah it is nice for FIOS for now, but when the whole thing can be broken by a flip of a switch your provider, that isn’t such a great solution. I wish all providers would keep everything flagged as copy-freely, but that just isn’t the case for the majority of the cable providers out there and there are no guarentees that the ones that do will stay that way.

        • Many MSOs are quite

          Many MSOs are quite reasonable about the Copy-Freely vs. Copy-Once thing. For e.g. Comcast is rumored to have a policy on what should be Copy-Freely, and I have gotten Cox to change a channel from Copy-Once to Copy-Freely.


  • Ok, great for FiOS (for now)

    Ok, great for FiOS (for now) but rather worthless for those of us with Time Warner cable where virtually everything except OTA is encrypted and copy protected. The clearQAM OTA retransmissions you can get with a plain old clearQAM tuner (although you have to rescan each time they change the configurations which are handled automatically by cableCARDS/Tuning Adapters).

    What I was hoping for was a break in the DRM by cable labs that would allow at least playback on your entire home group of copy once material. If they allow it for DLNA DMS then they should allow it for entire home network coverage.  Although if it is only live tv or if the recordings are limited to playback on the playstation that made the recordings, then there really isn’t any breakthrough.

  • FYI – FIOS encrypts all

    FYI – FIOS encrypts all digital content, which I believe accounts for almost all, if not all, of their current lineup.  I have no idea if they still have any clear QAM channels since I never used them anyway.  I’ll agree that this feature is probably useless unless you’re on FIOS.  OTOH, I am on FIOS so this is good news for me and the rest of us lucky FIOS subscribers.

    Verizon hasn’t seen fit to flag any channels except premium content, which is perfectly understandable.  I see no reason to worry that they’ll flag any other channels in the near future.  Sure, it could conceivably happen, but why waste time worrying about something that may or may not happen, especially since Verizon hasn’t made any indication that it’s coming down the road.

  • I have FiOS and use Windows

    I have FiOS and use Windows Media Center which tells you which programs are copy once, etc.  Its not just the Premiums. You see it on some sporting events, movies on non-premium channels and occasionally some ‘regular cable’ programming. 

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