Ceton Blogs – State of the Echo


It’s great when a product launch goes perfectly, but it doesn’t always and what separates a good company from the rest is how well they handle the criticism and communicate with their customers. In this case it’s Ceton who is having to talk Echo – and I think they did a great job outlining the current issues. Unfortunately, there isn’t a timeline for when the most serious set will be resolved though. Head over to their blog for the full post.

The Echo may look like a tiny, seemingly-simple device but in reality it’s a large and complex project.  It involves hundreds of different components, many of them custom-designed by us, from dozens of partners around the world.  Like any complex project, it’s a significant effort to make sure all the pieces come together at the same time in order to have a flawless launch.  Despite our best efforts, we know now that we didn’t achieve that in this case.  While we think the Echo is a good product today, the team has been working around the clock to make it the great product we know our customers demand and that we demand of ourselves.


  • Thanks for the update

    Thanks for the update although it’s sad that they didn’t update my trouble ticket or issues on the tracking site with some information. They could have posted a notice somewhere that we night have seen.

    There were problems with the launch of the infiniTV4 as well, but they seemed much more responsive back then. I guess that they are at an awark size right now just a little too big to be small and a little too small to be big.  In any event they really need to manage the problems with the Echo and I really think it will work into a valuable addition for most Media Center users in the future.

    I just wish they would have replied to my “cry for help”.




  • If you put in a support

    If you put in a support ticket they’ll eventually get back to you.  With the number of issues the Echo is having along with the public release of the product, I’m sure their customer service department is overwhelmed right now.  Suffice it to say that your cry for help is not being ignored.  You’ll just have to wait your turn in line for a response.  Patience is key.