Ceton shows off Android on the Echo and Media Center on Android

Ceton is trying to bring an integrated experience over to the Echo. They made mention that they are trying to get Android to run on the Echo. They are also trying to get Netflix integration, one of the best new coming off this announcement is trying to get Media Center to run natively in Android on the Echo.

Most interestingly, one of those changes is integrating Windows Media Center into Android, allowing users to access all the content that both platforms have to offer in a single user interface. A hefty goal indeed and one worth waiting for, but the question of when remains. 


  • Does this mean you can

    Does this mean you can dedicate networked tuners to the Echo and play live TV directly without going through a host PC?  Do we know if the Echo with Android will support mkv playback of Blu-Ray rips?  This was the dealbreaker for me and the reason I sent my Echo back just before the extended return date.  I never saw much being included in the firmware for the Echo prior to that time that set it apart from other extenders other than the size and power consumption.