E3: Sony Adding Hulu Plus and Crackle to PlayStation Vita

Crackle on PS Vita

The idea that a game console manufacturer would present a keynote at E3 that is almost entirely devoted to video games should not surprise anyone, and that is exactly what Sony did this year. Sure, there was some weird ebook/augmented reality app/PlayStation Move thingy that some Harry Potter fan somewhere will enjoy, but otherwise the keynote was pretty much all games. Sony did briefly speak to the variety of media apps available on the PlayStation Network, but the only announcement was the addition of Hulu Plus and Crackle apps for the PlayStation Vita. 

The Vita will get new multimedia services in the coming months. It already has Netflix and YouTube is coming to the device later this month, and Sony announced at the presentation that Hulu Plus and free video service Crackle will also come to the PlayStation Vita in the future.