Logitech’s Harmony Link Makes all iOS and Android Devices Universal Remotes


Logitech has introduced a new device that just needs a WiFi signal and power cord and it can talk to any of your iOS or Android devices via a free App. It will make them a universal remote, or as Logitech calls them, the smartest remote in the house. They have a dedicated iPad app that allows you just select a show from guide supported from Rovi and the Harmony will do all the work for you. It works just like Logitech’s other smart remotes, with one button click activity. We have seen other devices from other companies already out, this is just another option in your living room, and Logitech isn’t a stranger in that location. The Harmony Link suggested retail is around $99.99 and it will be released in late October.

Your iOS™ device or Android™ smartphone becomes the smartest remote in the house.

Logitech (Press Release)

Logitech (Harmony Link Site)

  • This looks very interesting. 

    This looks very interesting.  Can’t wait to see it in action.

  • Any idea if the iOS and

    Any idea if the iOS and Andriod controls will have support for HTPC/ Media Center? I would assume it would coming from Logitech but I didnt see anything on the website.

    • My guess is that you’ll

      My guess is that you’ll download an app to your smart phone and set it up just like any other Harmony remote.  The remote codes for any device you specify would be downloaded to the phone and configured for use the same way a Harmony remote would.  Instead of using an IR transmitter directly, the Harmony Link uses a Wi-Fi connection from your phone to relay the IR signals to  the devices you wish to control.

      I’d be curious to see if this ends up having an adverse effect on sales of other Harmony remotes.  It’s a great idea but it seems like it could end up hurting sales of the Harmony One and other high end Harmony remotes.  In any case, this looks like a real winner for anyone that has a smart phone and doesn’t want to deal with a table full of remotes.