IR Extender over HDMI


Have you tried to hide all of your component when you mount your TV to the wall but how will you get IR signal to all the hidden equipment? Well now you have another option from a company called Sewell. They use an unused CEC channel on the HDMI cable to send the IR signal through the cable you are already using. They claim it is a quick 60 second install and you will be off and running, in no time. They also say it works with existing devices like splitters, amplifiers and cat5e extenders.


The Solution

Sewell’s InjectIR is probably the most reliable and most easy-to-install solution on the market. Unlike other wired solutions, you don’t have to run an additional cable through the wall, you can use the existing HDMI line. Unlike wireless extenders, this solution will be guaranteed to work 100% of the time on all brands of devices and remote controls.