Arctic MC001-BD Entertainment Center

No word on price on this passively cooled Atom system, but the form factor looks pretty good. The D525 processor is not the most powerful in the world, but these guys like it in spite of it.

The Arctic Cooling MC001-BD Entertainment Center is built around the Intel ATOM D525 processor, which is a dual core design which operates at 1.8ghz. It is built on the 45nm process and has 512k of Level 2 cache. Onboard graphics are supplied by the ATI Mobility HD5430 GPU which has 80 unifed shaders and 512MB of GDDR3 memory via a 64 bit memory interface. The core is clocked to 500mhz and the memory operates at 800mhz. While the memory is branded 1333mhz, the bios speeds are limited to 800mhz with 6-6-6-15 timings at 1T.