2011 $600 A/V Receiver Comparison Guide

I love Audioholics’ roundup of receivers and devices, and this time up they are looking at some of the best receivers $600 can buy!

There are a few universals at this price point. You’ll find that all the receivers have discrete amps, and all manufacturers rate their amps with the more robust 20Hz to 20kHz measurement. All of the included products support 3D and Dolby ProLogic IIz, upconvert all their video to HDMI for a single cable connection, have a front mounted USB port, and sport an on-screen GUI overlayed over HDMI. Each receiver also supports a second zone of audio with either pre-outs or assignable back amps. They all support at least a 7.1 but none have any analogue inputs for supporting legacy gear. We’ll now be taking a look at these new receivers one by one from least to most expensive.


  • I have the Denon 2112 in that

    I have the Denon 2112 in that list. In short, it is the best AVR I have owned as we discussed on the last podcast.

  • Declaring Onkyo the winner

    Declaring Onkyo the winner seems a bit odd when it features a weak version of Audyssey, especially compared to the Denon.  I do agree that they win the check box contest, but audio performance is the most important feature  – don’t get that right it doesn’t matter if you can scale to 4k.