HD Guru Reviews the Samsung UN55D8000 LED LCD HDTV

Samsung has done an excellent job of making some of the best looking HD displays on the market, and with almost no bezel and 1.2″ depth the UN55D8000 may be the sleekest HDTV available this year.

As an edge-lit LED LCD there are trade-offs in price and performance for the form factor, but you’ll have to check out the review to see what they are.

Samsung’s 2011 D8000 LED LCD is their top of the line series, offering the most features and highest performance of any of their 2011 LCD models. The 55-inch, 240 Hz refresh rate design provides excellent screen brightness with outstanding energy efficiency.  New for 2011 is an LED dimming circuit Samsung calls “micro dimming” for deep blacks, a QWERTY remote control, built-in Internet browser, updated graphic user interface and improved 2D and 3D performance claims.

HD Guru

  • It is one of the best looking
    It is one of the best looking pictures that I have seen…….Just prices has to come down a lot…I have a Series 8 from two years ago, so not buying one any time soon. But they are still pretty to look at.

    • Samsung is delivering

      Samsung is delivering displays at almost every conceivable price point so you’ll be waiting a while (as in forever) for the top tier displays to drop significantly.

      Regarding the 8k series Samsung displays, the under-promoted 8k plasma is a better display and a better buy than the 8k LCD.

      • I wonder how many people who

        I wonder how many people who buy the D LCDs do it because of the chassis.

        • I bet a huge portion do. I

          I bet a huge portion do. I like the D8000 LCD better than the D8000 plasma as far as looks. In fact, I prefer my C8000 plasma over the D8000 plasma in the looks department. What I really appreciate with the slim bezel design even more than aesthetics is that you fit more screen into less space.