HBO GO for Andriod

In the theme of everything “Royal” today, content is king. Andriod Central has posted up a review of the new HBO Go application for the Andriod platform. It currently doesn’t have Honeycomb tablet support but if you are on the go like I am and have down time on your transit commute to work, this is a great little appplication. The application gives access to all of HBO’s content, movies, tv series, you name it. I haven’t had a chance to test this myself as I don’t have an active subscription to HBO, but if you do and you are an Android user, go and check it out.

It’s a simple premise: If you’re an HBO subscriber, you sign in (I used my Cox Cable log-in) and have access to movies, series — all the content HBO has to offer, really — and it’s served up to your Android phone. Hopefully we’ll see it on Honeycomb tablets in the near future. But for now, that’s not an option.

The user interface is simple enough. Browse programs and watch them. You can dive through the extensive list of movies, series, comedy, sports, documentaries and (of course), late-night.

Andriod Central

While we’re on the subject of HBO, check out

  • Now how come HBO can do this

    Now how come HBO can do this and Netflix can’t? That is the only thing holding me back from buying an Android tablet, no Netflix. DRM, Silverlight, Bah.