Xtreamer Ultra – HTPC and Ultra Compact



Xtreamer announces the new ultimate HTPC and ultra compact PC. These are sporting Intel Atom Dual Core D525 & nVidia ION2 Processor. It can do anything a desktop PC can do but as a value packed alternative. Add-on options are available such as Blu-ray and hard drives. It can handle high-def graphics for any Media Center program you decide to run on it. Xtreamer also has a wide variety of other products to fancy any HTPC enthusiast. No details on US release yet or Price.


Over the last year and a half Xtreamer has successfully established itself as a well-known leading brand and the best price\performance full HD media streamer in the industry. 
The Xtreamer products’ high recognition stems from the company’s devotion to bring the best money-for-value high performance products to our clients. 

Besides creative features and solid build, the Xtreamer Ultra engineers also paid special attention to EMI, thermal, acoustics and further details to achieve complete customer satisfaction 

To succeed in this ultra-competitive industry, Xtreamer Ultra aims to provide you with a great product as well as a great price, vibrant online community and efficient customer service.



  • Not a fan of the fact that

    Not a fan of the fact that they went with Atom/ION2 instead of something like the new AMD platform. They are also advertising bitstreaming HD Audio which ION2 is incapable of. Supposedly they are using a Realtek Audio chip which will allow for the HD Audio bitstreaming. However, information on this chip is extremely rare, so I would definitely wait until a reviewer/consumer officially confirms.