The Dead Walk Right into Season 2 on AMC

The dead have been wondering if there really is life after season 1 and AMC has allowed them to walk the earth for another season after only two episodes have aired.  There’s a very active discussion going on in the forums about this show, albeit with some dissent among the DirecTV viewers who are loathe to watch the death toll rise in poor standard definition.

In the no-brainer decision of the week, AMC has pulled the trigger on a 13-episode second season for The Walking Dead, which is turning into a ratings monster—chomping on more 18-49-year-old viewers than anything else in the cable landscape. During a time when genre TV programming seems a bit like an endangered species—gone are the Losts and the Battlestars (and the Capricas), to be largely replaced by shows that feel like they’re hanging on, week to week—it’s nice to see a network, and its viewers, reward heady, expertly done horror.