Sagetv gets iPad-iPhone-and iPod Touch Streaming

Brent has the insight on this pretty sweet app for SageTV as far as watching your shows on an iPad or other mobile device. Just another reason why SageTV is pretty awesome given its great community support and development.

SageTV Mobile streaming works much like AirVideo for iPhone does.  It
takes recordings from your SageTV System and converts (transcodes) those
video files to an iPhone/iPad friendly format.  Part of the process
includes determining your connection speed between the SageTV server and
the mobile device so that the file is small enough to keep up with a
slower connection – much like SageTV’s Placeshifter does.  Watching your
shows on the iPad is really nice.  I’ve used my iPad to watch shows
throughout the house and it really makes a fabulous, carry-with-you
“extender” of sorts.  Better yet, the picture quality of the video on
the iPad is very good in my exerience – especially on my home Wi-Fi