Weekly Podcast Roundup, September 17th 2010

Sorry for the day late on this, but that just means more podcasts for you all! Lots of good variety this week in our roundup of podcasts, so enjoy!

Are you ready for football? If the North American variant is not to your liking, you’ll probably want to skip ahead because between true 5.1 finally arriving on Monday night, Sunday Ticket talk and an update on the EHD fantasy football league there’s plenty to discuss. After that we move on to Boxee and its new Intel partnership, plus Google TV info and a couple of interesting demos from IDF sporting Windows Media Center Embedded. TiVo’s trying something different to sell DVRs and we like the idea, while Panasonic jumps on the QWERTY remote bandwagon and Panasonic showed off a new high end camcorder recently. After that we discuss whether SSDs have a place in DVRs, what the SRS/Microsoft deal could mean for Netflix and close with a slew of 3D and Blu-ray news — enjoy!

If you know of a podcast you would like added to the weekly roundup, please do e-mail me at mike (at) missingremote dot com and I’ll make sure to add it’s RSS to my list!