Media Browser 2.2.8 Out, Features Require Donations

Interesting development in the Media Browser world as they’ve gone the route of MyMovies–core functionality remaining 100% intact and free, but any new features being "unlocked" via a key only to those donators. No word on what the minimum donation to receive a key is, but some nice additions well worth supporting the developer.

  • MB Trailers – a replacement for the old Apple
    Trailers that provides HD trailer viewing inside MB. If you are not a
    supporter, you can still use this plug-in but it will only show you a
    few trailers.

  • CoverArt – this very popular plug-in will now be
    fully registered for Media Browser supporters as well as those who have
    made donations specifically for CoverArt. You can still register
    through ebrSoft for just $4 but a donation to Media Browser in general
    will also give you full access to automatic cover art processing.

  • Pearl Theme – the incredibly awesome, infinitely
    configurable new theme from Soultaker. Like CoverArt, this theme will
    operate for a limited trial period so you can decide if you want to keep
    using it (who wouldn’t???). After this period, it will require a
    supporter key to continue operating.