Sonos S5 Review at GeekTonic

Our friend Brent over at Geektonic has an awesome review of the super sexy Sonos S5 digital sound system, covering all the ins and outs, and how it integrates with your home and even iPod. Looks super impressive, if only I had multiple rooms period, this thing would be well worth the investment so it seems.

Remember back when you began using an MP3 player instead of a Walkman?  Okay, perhaps not all of you are as old as I am for that example but bare with me.  Compare how listening to music changed when you upgraded to a good MP3 player versus that Walkman.  That’s how much Sonos changed our home during the month I reviewed it.  Now that you know how much I loved doing this review read on to see if I think it’s worth spending the $399 for the Sonos S5.