Spartacus: Blood and Sand Season TWO!

Andy Whitfield/Spartacus

I have to admit that this news actually brought a tear to my eye.  No, not simply because there actually is going to be a second season.  While I am very happy about that, what was very moving was the news that star Andy Whitfield, Sparatacus himself, has apparently triumphed outside of the gladiatorial arena in the biggest battle of […]

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Sage My Movies Public Beta


Sage V7 users are in for a special treat today. PluckyHD has opened up the public beta for Sage My Movies and a couple more videos to show how cool it is.     Current Release: 1.09 stvi / 1.10 api. Release Date = 07 29 2010 This is the thread for support of SageMyMovies that can be found in the […]

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Sonos S5 Review at GeekTonic

Our friend Brent over at Geektonic has an awesome review of the super sexy Sonos S5 digital sound system, covering all the ins and outs, and how it integrates with your home and even iPod. Looks super impressive, if only I had multiple rooms period, this thing would be well worth the investment so it seems.   Remember back when […]

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Microsoft: We are focusing on eight core businesses

You can either take this as good or bad news, depending on your own optimism. I think a more focused Microsoft makes for the better, as it will hopefully prevent seemingly abandoned technologies such as the Extenders. Only time will really tell what this all means, if their "TV" definition even includes MCE. Actually, Microsoft has eight core focus areas, […]

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Weekly Podcast Roundup, July 29th 2010

Enjoy the home theater podcasts from this week! Equipment and training required to calibrate professional studios and home theater systems. Guests: David Abrams of Avical Video System Specialists. [Home Theater Geeks 27] Joining me for another round table recording are Andrew Edney and Garry Whittiker. We discus some listeners emails including DVB-S, digital audio and talk about some of the […]

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