Weekly Podcast Roundup, July 29th 2010

Enjoy the home theater podcasts from this week!

Equipment and training required to calibrate professional studios and home theater systems. Guests: David Abrams of Avical Video System Specialists.

Joining me for another round table recording are Andrew Edney and Garry Whittiker. We discus some listeners emails including DVB-S, digital audio and talk about some of the weeks news including new Media Center apps, Windows 7 Tablets and my new toy the iPad. I am trying to integrate the iPad with my Media Center systems so Garry and Andrew have some app recommendations.

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Enjoy the special treats included in this podcast, as we are pleased to
have frequent listener/UStream chatter JMallory contributing his voice
as we break down the last week of all things HD related. The new
UltraViolet DRM standard is first up for discussion, as well as
Netflix’s international & PS3 plans, and just how well Blu-ray is
doing. Then we dive into Engadget Columnist Michael Gartenberg’s recent
3DTV related editorial and whether or not his points hold water, from
our perspective. That’s not all the 3D news this week, with cheaper
plasmas from Samsung and new combo units from Panasonic on the way. Aftr
that it’s HTPC time when we turn to new quad-tuner units from Okoro and
the HDHomeRun Prime. Finally things wrap up with analyst predictions
for Blu-ray, and our recent review of SRS Labs’ front surround sound

This week Josh and I walk through some catch up stuff as well as
covering the latest news.  We’ve both made changes to our setups (some
more permanent than others) and we get to give our impressions. 

Turn your HDTV into an iPad! The Popbox from Syabas has been released,
but is it ready for primetime? Pro Moving Tips for your HDTV! And the
new Blu-ray releases for July 27th, 2010

Another summer week and while it’s been better than most, I really can’t wait for fall.  This is another one of those weeks when I really wish that the releases for the week were better than they were.  Unfortunately, hopes don’t always hold out.

We first cover my checking out the new Samsung 3-D displays as part of
their 3-D Road Tour for Installment 031.  We also discuss the current
state of DLNA devices, a little on my thoughts about calibrating for
3-D, and some updates from my guest appearance on Entertainment 2.0 at http://thedigitalmediazone.com/2010/07/02/entertainment-2-0-84-the-future/
The big thing we dive into this time is HDBaseT.  I try to dispel some
of the rumors running around the Internet.   This is a very long post
because there is a lot to cover.

Blu-ray would like to supplant DVD and take over as the dominant video
format in households all around the world.  We see the advantage from a
pure quality perspective, but believe that costs have to line up for
it to actually happen.  With so many forces pulling against it, can
Blu-ray really become the successor to DVD?