April 13th Blu-ray Releases

EDIT:  Well, not just tracking the Warner Brothers movies, I am now also noting the Universal and Fox titles which will have the 30-day rental window imposed on them by placing ** next to the title.

Not a lot of releases this week after last week, guess it comes in waves. That being said, still some solid releases of classic films Apollo 13 and Gone With the Wind. I haven’t seen Pirate Radio, but have heard mixed reviews. Pick of the week though….a "classic" in different sense of the word.

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week

 I know…I know, I should be excited to see a new Apollo 13 and Gone
With The Wind releases on Blu-ray, but sorry….the horror fan in me has
to go with one of my all time favorites. This is still one of the greatest that basically put Wes Craven on the map. How do you feel about the remake? Looks like they’ll tell a bit more story about how Freddy came to be, so yeah, no surprise I’m looking forward to that as well!