Soundgraph FingerVU 706 Review


Have you seen those HTPC Chassis with the slick touchscreen display that allows you to control what’s on your main screen? If you’ve ever envied those but didn’t want it in the chassis or some other reason, then you may be interested in this offering. At $200 though, you will want to carefully evaluate.


Tech Power Up

The iMedian HD software is part of most – if not all – Soundgraph displays and products. It succeeds the iMedian application and aims to replace the Windows Media Center functionality or add such a feature to systems lacking the MCE extensions. I had a hard time figuring out how to launch the application, so that it would display properly on the FingerVU 706 instead of my 30 inch Samsung LCD. Turns out you are required to run FingerUI first and then select it through that application. It will then use the 7 inch display as the only screen real estate. To may add folders to be watched for each type of media – music, pictures & video. The software than searches through these folders and subfolders and display its findings for you to select and listen to or view. You may also use TV tuners and listen to radio with the iMedian HD – assuming you have compatible hardware in your PC. This could be an interesting area of use, as a small 7 inch TV running on the side is certainly rather useful.