Touch-Screen HTPC: Three Premium Cases Compared

Good Review of three Cases.  I would go with the Thermaltake just because of the price difference.


Home theater PCs employ hardware (of course) and a bit of specialized software to provide audio and video playback, plus recording for those with their systems hooked up to a cable or satellite connection. The HTPC becomes the hub of the home’s digital data procurement, distribution, and output. Practically any media source is a possibility. Think of cable, satellite, Internet, and other sources for content. At the same time, the HTPC may also your home’s central database for audio, video, and pictures. Lastly, output choices are considerable. Digital and analog audio options are essentially mandatory. HDMI has been merging both video and audio data into one convenient connector, but DisplayPort is creeping into the scene even while legacy connections, such as S-Video, are still supported.