Weekly Podcast Roundup December 17th

Lots to listen to this week as the holidays get closer! Enjoy!

The Media Center Show #234 – DVBLink V2

Following on from last weeks show talking about DVBLink and set top boxes this week I am speaking to Pavlo Barvinko from DVBLink. Pavlo will be explaining how DVBLink got started, what it does and what is new in the new version 2. I am really excited about the new network tuner features I think there are a lot of possibilities that it can offer. I will be giving away a copy of DVBLink soon, details in the next couple of days. As ever I have email and a round up of the weeks news.


Engadget HD Podcast 167 – 12.16.2009

Scheduling forced this slightly-delayed edition to be a throwback podcast without a live audience in the UStream chat, but we still found plenty to discuss. From Nielen numbers to the freshly unveiled Boxee Box and the latest in CableCARD in tru2way news. We discuss the failure of the Cowboys Stadium "3D" experience and why it shouldn’t affect your view of upcoming technology, plus what’s new in discs: Blu-ray/DVD combos, trade in programs and free VOD offers. Closing this week out is a look at the latest wireless HD contender and the most premium HDMI cable ever made.


TDL Mobile Show #20

Big news is the Google Phone (aka Nexus One) but plenty more good stuff including how to get content on a Nook in the UK, LTE trials in Slough, the Hero 2 and a possible sighting of the fabled Apple Tablet in France…


HD Nation » Episode 23: Is 240Hz HDTV A Scam? $100 Harmony Universal Remote..

Is Motion Blur A Lie? HD Cable Channels Missing: Check For A Switch Video Upgrade. What’s the difference between a $100 and $400 Logitech Harmony universal remote? Cheap Blu-ray for DVD Swaps, and the Blu-ray releases for December 15, 2009


Entertainment 2.0-Episode 56 Part 1: The Muppets Have Landed

This week, Josh and I are joined by Phil Lozen from Seen in HD and Richard Green. We’ve decided to expand the topic for this episode and step into the mire that is streaming, net neutrality, bandwidth throttling and data caps. It isn’t an easy topic to discuss but we take a shot at it. Be sure and leave comments and let us know how you feel about how your ISP treats you and if you support caps and neutrality!


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast – Podcast #403: Last Minute Shopping Guide 2009

You know we’re always looking out for you, so we’ve decided to revisit the last minute shopping guide we assembled last year. We know you’ve been busy, and so have we, but if you screw up on the gift you get for special someone in your life, you’ll be paying for it for a long, long time. We do recognize that procrastination could be strategic, you need to make sure you get the absolute perfect gift, so we aren’t trying to judge here. Whatever the reason, if you still need a gift, we have some tips for you.