Windows 7 MCE + DVBLink for HDPVR = HD Happiness

Great guide over at GeekTonic on integrating the HD-PVR for use with a DirecTV HD tuner for being able to capture high definition recordings. Definitely not as "simple" as Cable Card, but then again we all know the drawbacks to that one as well. This is a fantastic solution for anyone willing to take the time.


Readers of GeekTonic know I’m a fan of the Hauppauge HD-PVR and it’s ability to take component video in and allow you to record all of your Cable or Satellite channels on your HTPC. You probably also know that’s supported with HTPC software like SageTV and BeyondTV, but not with Windows 7. Well David has written up the process for getting HD-PVR support in Windows 7 Media Center – read on for all of the details.