Thursday Podcast Roundup, December 3rd

Sorry for the lack of news this week, pretty rough as my car totally died. BUT, no way I was going to leave you to the weekend without some great home theater podcasts to entertain you! Enjoy!


Seen in HD Episode 14 – Watchmen review, BD Audio: To enhance or not

Full of turkey, Seen in HD returns for episode 14. We start out talking about Black Friday. With little sales news available on recording day, Adam and Phil take a look at this article from, which says a lot without saying anything. The hosts also talk about their weekend shopping experiences, as lite as they might have been.


The Media Center Show #233 – mStation

This week Ted Sing from Embedded Automation returns to the show to talk about the latest update of mControl the home automation app for Windows Media Center and how energy management has become increasing important in the digital home. Ted explains how we can monitor and control power usage from Windows Media Center and updates on some of their other products

Engadget HD Podcast 165 – 12.01.2009

You can tell the count down to CES is upon us because the companies that make the things we love are quietly counting their holiday earnings and planning for the next big thing. As exciting as the anticipation is, it doesn’t leave many things for us to talk about so we’ll talk about our dreams from TiVo for CES and stupid things like HDMI marketing ideas. The FCC is almost always a good topic with broadcasters in fear of their business model and the MPAA dreaming of SOC for Christmas. Finally we talk a little 3D, unbelievable survey results, and our latest poll on your TV viewing habits.


HD Nation » DIY HDTV Lighting Mod, Samsung Factory Tour, Extreme HDTV…

Bias Lighting: Improve HDTV Contrast On The Cheap!, Robert Tours Samsung Factories Across Korea, How Cold Is Too Cold For Your HDTV? Blu-ray releases for December 1st, 2009


The Custom Integrator Show Installment 021

The Custom Integrator Show Installment 021 is live. Ian and I continue our look at HDMI with this installment providing an overview of the new features in HDMI Version 1.4. As usual, we try not to just list out the new features that you can read about on the web at, but look more at the impact it has on the design and implementation of the systems you build for your clients (or potentially for yourself). We also tend to make the assumption that you already are familiar with what has been in the press for a while now and are familiar with what it has to offer. HDMI 1.4 builds on what the previous versions of HDMI have to offer and remains backwards compatible with them. However, the newer features obviously are not available when using equipment based solely on HDMI Version 1.3.