Using the Linksys PLK300 Powerline AV Network Kit

With the invention of BD-Live in your players to Netflix in your television sets, the reasons for needing internet in your home theater is no longer limited just to the HTPC fanatics. If you have a larger home or just one with terrible wifi connection, here’s a nifty alternative that has actually gotten much better than when it first came out.

We Got Served

It is said that powerline adapters are dependent upon the house wiring, and the pathway the signals have to take to get from one point to another. I am 110% positive that the wiring went through my breaker box, which is supposed to have a detrimental effect on the signal. My home is 20 years old, so the wiring is modern which is a plus for powerline adapters. The end result is that the PLK300 powerline kit worked perfectly. For me, at least. Over several days of playing with the NMP-1000, I never had a problem with network glitches. Whether watching movies, listening to music, etc., I never had a stutter or similar glitch.