Show Analyzer Updated to Version

The DMZ caught wind of the latest ShowAnalyzer which I have been DESPERATELY waiting for! Lots of improvements here if you’re using Windows 7. Just as an intro, ShowAnalyzer is what is used with DTB for commercial skipping within Media Center and SageTV.

The bugs that have been fixed include:

    * [ALL] Fix hard crash when opening master database when it is locked.
    * [ALL] Fixed several inter-process communication crashes.
    * [ENGINE] Fix common crash when determining audio noise level before any audio has been decoded.
    * [ENGINE]Fix common crash when saving logo.
    * [ENGINE] Fix common crash when checking for the presence of a logo.
    * [ENGINE] Fix common crash when searching for a logo.
    * [ENGINE] [UI] Fix potential crash when loading logos.
    * [ENGINE] Fix potential crash when calculating confidence level.
    * [ENGINE] Fix potential crash when calculating frame fudge factor.
    * [ENGINE] Fix potential crash in Video Index optimization.
    * [ENGINE] Fix several problems in the WTV splitter.
    * [UI] Fix potential crash when displaying details on active process.
    * [UI] Fix potential crash when moving the splitter.
    * [UI] Fixed percentage complete calculation on WTV files.

Download Here.