Enermax Aurora Micro Wireless HTPC keyboard review


HTPC aficionado’s, Enermax rolled out its Aurora Micro Wireless
keyboard. The Aurora Micro is absolutely an interesting product for the
average cough potato alright (me included). Not only is it the best
HTPC keyboard’s we’ve seen in a while, it’s also reasonably priced (for
this kind of quality). When you search this product
you’ll be able to spot it for roughly 75 USD/EUR, and that is a fair
price considering the build-quality, functionality and materials used.
It is not a flimsy plastic HTPC keyboard in your living room, no —
it’s a stylish peripheral.




line: for a reasonable amount of money you get a handy, nice looking
good range angle independent HTPC keyboard. Build quality is great,
looks & design is good, functionality even better. If you like to
have a keyboard instead of a remote, look no further — the Enermax
Aurora Micro comes very much recommended.