Okoro Media Introduces Mini HTPCs

These new mini htpcs start at $1295.00.


Okoro Media’s new miniature Quantum series Media PCs


Rosemont, IL (PRWEB) September 28, 2009 — Okoro Media Systems, a manufacturer of Digital Entertainment Systems for the A/V market, introduces the availability of the 2010 Quantum mini Digital Entertainment Systems OMS-Q100 and the OMS-Q200.

The 2010 Quantum minis are small Digital Entertainment Systems designed to manage music, photos, movies, and allow the recording of High Definition TV programming. This small comp

act form factor allows for placement practically anywhere in the home. Yet these mini machines can play back 1080p Blu-ray movies and upscale DVDs effortlessly. The Quantum series also gives the consumer the ability to record two HD programs via an antenna, cable, or satellite TV based on the customer’s software choice.

"The Quantum series gives us an opportunity to create a solution that combines the latest hardware and software features in a stylish and compact package that more home theater enthusiasts can use and enjoy," says Christopher Curry, VP of Sales and Marketing.

The Quantum minis are powerful machines that run cool and quiet. Each is built with quiet active cooling technology that allows the unit to barely audible in a home theater environment. The OMS-QX100 is based on low powered Intel moble technology while the QX200 is based on Nvidia ION processing technology. Both units have HDMI 1.3 outputs, Blu-ray/DVD drives and have been designed to deliver uncompromising performance while consuming less than 50 Watts of power. Customers can also purchase special versions that are available in unlimited color combinations.

For more information about the Quantum series or other OMS Digital Entertainment Systems, please click here or call (877) 539-4788.