Funai Will Have CinemaNow on Future TVs, Blu-ray Players


Do you guys remember CinemaNow’s movie offering? How about Funai television sets? Well, hopefully the combination of the two will make them more memorable. CinemaNow was actually one of the first online streaming video sites (there was even an MCE 2005 plugin), but has really lost traction with Netflix. Hopefully this helps them regain a bit.



“We are in the midst of a major shift in consumers’ home entertainment viewing behavior,” said Sonic CEO and president Dave Habiger. “Our collaboration with Funai, one of the world’s leading makers of consumer electronics, will help further fuel this transition by delivering convenient, digital access to premium entertainment on new range of affordable, high quality digital home appliances.” Hideaki Funakoshi, GM of Funai’s DVD division, added that “the inclusion of Roxio CinemaNow technology powering convenient access to high-quality entertainment [is an] important driver for consumer adoption of our next-generation devices.