ATI Radeon HD 5770 and HD 5750 review

I was hoping these were going to be the cheapest in the lineup and also be air cooled. After reading the article it looks like we need to wait on the 56XX series to come out before we see a fanless card without the requirement of additional power.

 But for 160 bucks the 5770 might be a replacement for my current 3870 in my gaming rig.


The 5750 also whets our appetite for a great HTPC card with its excellent power characteristics and bitstreaming audio support. However it’s at risk of being overkill for that market with its performance and still too-great thermals for a market that, seeing as how the HTPC doesn’t need great performance and always could use lower thermals. A passively cooled 5750 in particular would make a good HTPC card, but we’d look at the Radeon HD 5600 series next year for our perfect HTPC card. If you can wait that long.