Logitech Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3 answers a million prayers

I for one have been waiting for this!  Even tho I’m using a IR-BT adapter that an avsforum member made for the PS3 in the home theater, so my Harmony 1000 could control the PS3 too.  However, it can’t turn on the PS3 when I hit Watch Movies (have to push the PS3 on/off button), nor it will turn it off when I hit Off (have to manually navigate in the PS3 menu to turn it off). 

 Now I really hope this device could finally offer full control (mainly on and off) of the PS3…….  We’ll see…..


For far too long, PS3 owners with IR-based universal remotes have had to rely on clunky IR-to-Bluetooth converters to get the two to communicate, but as soon as the E-R0001 hits the market, all that will change for Harmony owners.