Build Guide: High Capacity Low Cost $300 Budget Media Server

I think I can agree with the parts used in this build.  There’s a primary and an alternative build done.  One uses AMD one uses Intel processors.  Both look good.  In order to change it into an HTPC build, about the only thing that you’d really want to change would be the case.  And don’t forget that the build price does not include an OS or any tuner hardware you may want, as well as a Blu-Ray drive.  And really, it’s about the same price as a NAS.  What’s not to like?


Here are the goals I wanted to hit with this particular computer build:

  • Budget of $300 not including peripherals or OS (before tax, shipping, etc)
  • Enough storage capacity for average household (ie. not a serious heavy-duty server load and not optimal for office use)
  • Relatively small so it can be crammed in a corner of your house
  • Must have room for upgrades (more storage!)
  • Quality components, no no-name junk