Boxee Smokes A Cuban?

Alright, so the debate was not one side as the title seems but the title was too tempting to pass up. If you are looking for some alone time material on the throne, head on over to Boxee’s blog and print out this debate between Boxee and Mark Cuban. The debate at hand is the direction broadcasting is heading and the impact the Internet is having.


it may be that the biggest risk you will face is that things are too good for you living off the cable model, and while you are trying to protect your profitable (yet future challenged) business, some talented, hungry, motivated guys on the Internet will produce better content for your audience and eat your lunch. btw, i don’t know much about HDNet. ironically my cable provider (CableVision) does not carry your channel.

Or is it ironic that the Boxee CEO has cable? – We report.. sometimes.. and meh.. figure it out for yourself 😉